Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clinical SAS Online Training by Ram

Dear Student,

Welcome to www.clinicalsasonlinetraining.com!

Do you want SAS Online Training? Here is the right place.

We will provide the best online Trainings in the Training Industry on SAS by Expert SAS certified and Real time experienced Trainers with live data and live examples.

We also provide assistance for Base SAS and Advance SAS Certification

Please contact for more information : 
sas9trainings@gmail.com or info@clinicalsasonlinetraining.com   or 

Reach us @ 91-9966434111

Please see the detail below : 
  • Course duration : 40 to 45 hrs 
  • Course schedule : every day 1 hr to 1 hr 15 min(Monday to Friday)
Course details : 
  • Base SAS 
  • Advanced SAS(Macros and Proc SQL) 
  • Clinical Domain knowledge (CDISC- SDTM & ADaM intro)
  • Project work.

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SAS-Clinical Online Classes
Ph: 91-9966434111
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